Master Bedroom Addition

qaiadmin on February 8, 2017

Master Bedroom Addition Los Angeles

If you love your Los Angeles home but want more of it, a master bedroom addition is the perfect solution. It allows you to add to your square footage, thereby raising the value of your property, but it also gives you an all-in-one space where you can sleep, watch TV, and do everyday chores in the privacy of your own bedroom.
Divine Builders has been adding master bedrooms to many of the finest homes in Los Angeles for nearly three decades, and we can help you design a master bedroom addition to die for. The master bedroom design staff at Divine Builders works as a team to get your dream bedroom from concept to completion. with complete attention to quality and detail.

Planning the Perfect Master Bedroom Addition

Divine Builders will help you plan your master bedroom addition Los Angeles, because we followthe Golden Rule of carpentry: Measure twice, cut once. Our expert team of architects, designers and contractors will advise you from the get-go. After all, your new master bedroom addition was match the rest of the house, suit the property, and look like it’s always been there. We make sure your new addition complements your home without overwhelming it, both on the interior and exterior. Let’s say you own a $200,000 home in the San Fernando Valley, and you decide to add a spectacular master bedroom that costs you about $85,000. Will you then have a $285,000 house on your hands? Not necessarily! You may end up the proud owner of a $200,000 home with a VERY expensive bedroom addition. Divine Builders will prevent you from making common mistakes like adding a grand master bedroom in a neighborhood that will give you a very low return on your investment. That’s what we mean by your addition “suiting the house.”

Step Up to a Master Bedroom Suite

Over the past three decades, Divine Builders has had the pleasure of working on some of the most beautiful properties in Los Angeles, and we have added some breathtaking master bedroom suites that take homes to the next level – literally, because we have added sprawling second-story master bedroom suites right on top of ranch style houses, which immediately triples their curb appeal. Imagine an all-inclusive master suite that includes a modern home-office. or a spacious dual-sink bathroom, or a fireplace and comfy couches. Think Hugh Hefner – if you can imagine it, we can build it for you, according to your exact specifications and your budget. Call Divine Builders today for a brighter tomorrow.

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