Garage Conversion

qaiadmin on February 8, 2017
Converting your garage into a bedroom, man cave, playroom or gym adds gorgeous square footage to your home, which adds up to a bundle in increased property value. In Los Angeles, each square foot of the average home is worth about $300, and a typical garage can be converted to 400 square feet. Therefore, a converted garage can add more than $120,000 to the value of your house, but it costs just a fraction of that (20%) to convert. That’s a huge return on your investment! Divine Builders of Los Angeles has specialized in garage door conversions for more than two decades, and we can can help you turn your garage into a brand new custom living space that matches the style and decor of your home.
For example, if your garage is attached to your house, we have some great news for you – buy converting your garage with a top-notch professional home addition contractor like Divine, you can install windows and other features that will dramatically open up that side of the house, and give your whole place a new look – and a new lease on life.
Let Divine Builders Take Care of Everything
Yes, that new home addition you’ve been fantasizing about is hiding in plain sight. Renovating your garage into a new bedroom, recreation room or man cave is the smartest home improvement decision you’ll ever make. After all, you already have a foundation and walls, so it’s cheaper than adding on to your house, but you need an experienced contractor like Divine Builders to get the most out of your garage conversion. Our decades of experience will guide you through the process of converting your garage into a home addition your neighbors will envy.
  • We guarantee the new door we put on your converted garage, and the materials used to infill the old garage door, will match your existing interior. We will remove the driveway leading to your garage and replace it with fresh landscaping – you don’t want your converted garage to look like a converted garage.
  • Divine Builders will help you design your new space to accommodate foot traffic inside the house. If your new room is a family recreation room, for example, you don’t want everyone passing through a laundry room to get there. We know what works – and what doesn’t work – when it comes to home additions and renovations.
  • Before the remodeling begins, we fill in the space to bring the floor up to the level of the new door. Since most garage floors tend to sloop toward the door, we will level the floor and make the transition from the house to the new room completely seamless.
  • Remember, your walls need to be insulated (unless they already are), and all the wiring and plumbing needs to be installed before the walls are closed up. With an attached garage, we can extend your current HVAC system from your house, saving you a bundle. If necessary, we will suggest adding a 20-amp circuit to the new living space to accommodate high electrical use
  • The best part of your garage conversion will be the additional windows you can install to really open up that side of the house, and let in as much natural light as possible. Divine Builders will keep the perfect balance between having a beautiful view and having your privacy.
Homeowners in Los Angeles are finding new creative uses for their garages, mainly because sunny California allows you to park your vehicles outdoors, and free up the wasted space in your garage. Divine Builders allows you to convert your garage  into a gorgeous new living space that looks like it was always part of the house. Call today for a free estimate and expert in-home consultation.
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