Bathroom Addition

qaiadmin on February 8, 2017

Bathroom Addition

Of all the room additions to a house, adding a bathroom makes the most sense. It will serve you well, it makes life a little easier for everyone in the house, and it adds significantly to the re-sale value of your house. A well-placed and well-designed will add more home value than a family room addition that costs twice as much to install. Here’s why: people love bathrooms!

Buyers Love Bathrooms

You can’t go wrong by adding a bathroom, according to the experts. We have never been asked to convert a bathroom into a closet, and we’ve never heard a homeowner complain about having too much bathroom space. In terms of value, adding a second bath when you only have one is a capital idea because buyers are impressed with a second bath. It will definitely help sell your house faster.
As a rule of thumb, buyers prefer a 1-to-1 ratio of bathrooms to bedrooms, at least according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), so any bathroom addition that brings you closer to that balance is a very good thing. On average, a half-bath increases your home’s value by 10.5 percent; a full bathroom increases it by 20 percent.

Let Divine Builders Design the Perfect Bathroom Addition

We have been adding bathroom and remodeling bathrooms in some of the most upscale homes in Los Angeles for over two decades, and we know all the tricks of the trade. For example, did you realize that adding a 3/4 bathroom (containing a shower stall but no bath) is actually a better investment nowadays? That’s because buyers in the huge Baby Boomers market prefer stepping into a shower rather than getting into a slippery tub. The seasoned pros at Divine Builders can add precisely the style of bathroom you desire, exactly where you want it. We take care of all the important details, like the pipes, draining easements and septic tank hookup, and we never dawdle. All work is done as promised, on point and on schedule. Unlike most general contractors, we specialize in home additions, and we know exactly how long it takes to build an addition to your house. By using your current plumbing configuration, we save you time and money, because it’s way cheaper than moving your pipes around.

Call Us Today For a Free Estimate

We know that a bathroom addition is so much more than an upgrade to your home’s value. It can put an end to lining up to use the bathroom facilities, and end bickering among family members. And really, can you put a price on the luxurious feeling of sinking into a relaxing bathtub in a brand new custom bathroom? We can, so call us as soon as you’re ready to step up to the best.

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